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Please help save Loch Ness and the Great Glen the world’s most famous loch and Glen.

The Highland and national planning systems fail to protect the World’s most famous loch and Glen

Must see. View the 500 plus remarkable comments on the Petition to the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee to Save Loch Ness & The Great Glen.

Loch Ness is under threat from over 500 wind turbines approved and in the planning stage within a 22 mile radius (Daily Mail 28/1/2015). Loch Ness and the Great Glen are now prime targets for windfarm developers. There are calls to classify Loch Ness and the Great Glen a World Heritage Site because of their international importance. They are Scotland’s second most popular tourist draw. Yet, environmental destruction could threaten some of the Highland’s most scenic areas.

Loch Ness and environs and the Great Glen are under threat as never before from the attention of wind farm companies. You can make a difference by signing a petition to the Scottish Parliament pleading to save Loch Ness and the Great Glen. These are the world’s most beautiful landscapes and contain some of Europe’s last remaining wild land. Highland Council has often condoned these developments and, supported by national politicians, has been negligent in preserving our areas of outstanding beauty and heritage.

Our Petition has now been lodged with the Scottish Parliament urging the Scottish Government to:
01. To afford protection to the Loch Ness and Great Glen by designating it as a National Scenic Area*;

02. To recommend that a priority application is made to UNESCO for designation of the Loch Ness area and the Great Glen as a World Heritage Site;

03. To take appropriate steps to discourage further wind turbine developments in the area and support the restoration of all sites therein damaged by wind turbines.

*The 5 main qualities of a National Scenic Area are: “setting and physical grandeur, glacial landforms, natural beauty and tranquillity, cultural heritage and man-made resources” (Countryside Commission for Scotland, 1987) and this area arguably meets these criteria.
Further areas of concern addressed to Highland Council:

Together, we, as the local people and also visitors can save Loch Ness and the Great Glen for the Highland people, for our communities, and for the World citizens, and for every visitor who comes to this, the World’s most beautiful landscape.

The petition with the Scottish Goverment has been lodged and no more signatures can be taken. Thanks for all your magnificent support and to all the signatories. For progress with parliament see the Facebook page.


Wind turbines seen from the A82, the west Highlands
main tourist route, south of Fort Augustus.Save Loch Ness

Map of wind farms in the planning process, courtesy SNH website.
Wind Turbine Map
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